World War II Historical Art Bunker

Historischer Kunstbunker

Nuremberg was reduced to rubble in World War II. More than 90 per cent of the famous medieval old town was destroyed. Deep under the castle rock, the majority of the portable artworks survived the hail of bomb hail, along with the imperial regalia and works by Dürer and Veit Stoß. In the WWII art bunker, visitors gain an insight into how this extraordinary rescue operation was organised. On the tour, you will also find out how Nuremberg was destroyed and rebuilt. What happened during the air raids? What was destroyed? And how, from the desolate desert of rubble in the aftermath of the war, could present-day Nuremberg be partly restored to its former mediaeval glory?

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  • daily tours in german (free audioguides available)
  • tours in english on saturdays
  • Duration: aprox. 60 minutes
  • Maximum visitors: 12
  • Booked groups by appointment (max. 20 visitors)
  • Meetingpoint: Historischer Kunstbunker, Obere Schmiedgasse 52
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    Obere Schmiedgasse 52
    90403 Nürnberg
  • Museumsladen am Albrecht-Dürer-Haus

    Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 30
    90403 Nürnberg
    Di-So 10-17 Uhr
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    Am Hauptmarkt 18
    90403 Nürnberg
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