Defensive corridors and secret passages under the castle


Guided tour in German only. English audio guides available!

Thanks to its impregnable fortifications, Nuremberg was never conquered. Dug into the castle rock are narrow tunnels and high vaulted chambers inside the city wall. They were designed to make Nuremberg the best protected city in the empire. In the sixteenth century, the city built modern bastions that could withstand cannon fire. A labyrinth of defensive corridors were built underground to enable defenders to shoot at enemies from all sides as they tried to cross the moat.

Let you be lead into Nuremberg Underground and experience how it would have been to defence the historic City of Nuremberg at the end of the middle age.

  • daily tours in german (free audioguides available)
  • Duration: aprox. 60 Minuten
  • Maximum visitors: 8
  • Booked groups by appointment (max. 12 visitors)
  • Meetingpoint: Historischer Kunstbunker, Obere Schmiedgasse 52
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