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Saturday, 2019-05-25


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Tickets per Internet:
Karten können hier bis zu einer Stunde vor Führungsbeginn gekauft werden. Über den Kalender oben eine Führung aussuchen, Tickets auswählen, bezahlen, runterladen/ausdrucken.


Kartenautomat vor dem Kunstbunker:
Obere Schmiedgasse 52, 90403 Nürnberg
Ticketkauf vor Ort möglich!

Karten für Schüler und Studenten gibt es ermäßigt.


Casemates and Water Supply Conduits:
täglich um 15:15 h
fr., sa., su. & holidays auch um 16:15 h
sa., su. & holidays auch um 11:15 h

World War II Art Bunker:

täglich um 14:30 h
fr. & sa. auch um 17:30 h
sa., su. & holidays auch um 11:30 h

exceptions: please refer to tour description

admission rates

Casemates and Water Supply Conduits:
adults: € 8,-
reduced rate: € 7,-
children under 3 years free when accompanied by an adult

World War II Art Bunker:
adults: € 7,-
reduced rate: € 6,-
children under 7 years free when accompanied by an adult


Förderverein Nürnberger Felsengänge e.V.
Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 21
90403 Nürnberg

Phone: +49 911 22 70 66

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Join us for fascinating tours of discovery and get to know Nuremberg from an entirely different point of view.

The Förderverein Nürnberger Felsengänge e.V. will take you down into "Subterranean Nuremberg" and introduce you to places that have been there for centuries "hidden" beneath the streets of Nuremberg.

Explore with us the medieval beer cellars and water conduits, the renaissance fortifications and the modern bomb shelters of this historic city.

By clicking each of the buttons in the menu on the left, you can learn more about the various tours we offer and the individual places we have to show.

At the same time, you can get a first taste of what's in store for you in Nuremberg's "Underworld."

We'd be happy to tailor a tour of Nuremberg's underground attractions to your individual needs. Just contact us.

  • Can you provide helpful information about the history of subterranean Nuremberg?
  • Would you like to help us (as either supporting or active member of our association)?
  • Were you an eyewitness to the use of the cellars as air raid shelters?
  • Do you possess objects or documents related to our installations that you would like to share with us?
  • Do you have any other questions or ideas?

If so, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact us.

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Tuesday, 14.05.2019

Samstag, 13. Juli 2019

25jähriges Vereinsjubiläum

Sunday, 14.04.2019


Späher & Spione auf der Burg

In Kooperation mit der Bayerischen Schlösserverwaltung, pünktlich zum Ferienstart unsere NEUHEIT für Kinder:

Monday, 11.03.2019

„Sieben Zentimeter“ – Paul Flemming im Untergrund

Lesung von Jan Beinßen - Dienstag 9. April